Media + Endorsements


Building a home for a single mother in the Honduras jungle.

Mike has appeared on numerous radio shows over the years, including nationally-distributed Lars Larson, Chris Fabry and KLOVE.

He has also been featured in many TV interviews, including Heroes of the Faith and PTL San Antonio.

>Listen to Mike’s interview on KLOVE “A Closer Look” Father’s Day 2011 Special.

>>See Mike on PTL San Antonio: Part 1 and Part 2

>Iron Sharpens Iron: The Cross Trail Outfitters story.

>Here’s a travelogue video of a speaking tour across North Carolina.

>This is a video of highlights from a speech Mike gave to the Oilfield Christian Fellowship in Houston.

>In this video, Mike recounts stories of ministry impact from his ministry’s recent summer camp.



>See endorsements for UPRISING: Time for Christians to Stop Waiting and Start Winning.

Chris Fabry, host of Chris Fabry Live on the Moody Bible Network:

“If you’re looking for a great interview or story on an issue that will hit people right in the heart, consider talking with Mike Arnold….

“Mike and his crew connect with at-risk boys in the outdoors and model what being a man is all about. Talking with him made me tear up, both because I had a godly father and the fact that many boys today don’t. I think movements like this that reach one heart at a time is where we’re going to see real change. I encourage you to discover more about this ministry.”

William Franklin Graham IV, Assistant Director, Billy Graham Training Center:

“I believe that one of the greatest threats to our way of life in America is the absence of genuine Godly men. It is this single issue that birthed Cross Trail Outfitters. Mike Arnold and other men have sought to train young boys into young godly men. They teach these boys responsibility, discipline, friendship, and how to have a relationship with God, who is the One who created them for a relationship. Through this organization, young boys are transformed to become young men.

“I hope you will take time to learn more about this great organization and will choose to be involved in changing lives. This is a very practical way to help make a difference in a boy’s life – for eternity. I have personally spent some time with the founder, Mike Arnold, and seen his passion for rescuing young boys from life full of mediocrity and a life absent of meaning. I hope that you will take time to see the work that Mike and Cross Trail Outfitters is prepared to do with your help.”

Dr. Peter C. Spencer, Pastor, Author, Missionary and Exec. Producer, Return to the Hiding Place:

“Christian ministries come and go, but as the years have gone on I have found in Mike Arnold brilliant organizational abilities, a strategy for the Kingdom and a compassion for people that are often overlooked by the church as well as society. He reminds me of Christ in a passage about Shadrach, Meshach and Agednigo. He is willing and as consistent walking through the fire of hard times with others as he is when everything is going comfortably. Unlike so many fair weather ministries and leaders, Mike is constant and diligent. He captains this ship of compassion with excellence and in a perfect reflection of Jesus Christ.”

In Spring 2011, Mike and Amy received a commendation from the Texas State Senate for the impact of the ministry they founded, Cross Trail Outfitters.

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