Teaching in Nigeria, 2011.

After a lifetime of international travel, and career of working with everyone from top political and business leaders to troubled youth, Mike is gifted at gripping the attention of audiences from all walks of life and faith backgrounds.

With simple yet compelling stories and illustrations, Mike helps people see, desire and latch onto their true identity, purpose and destiny in Christ.

Mike has dedicated his life to sharing the message of Kingdom victory. His teachings are grounded in common sense and Biblical truth, and framed by his diverse life experience, sharp intellect and keen sense of humor.



Listen to or download sample teachings here.

Here’s a recent message Mike shared at the SA Tabernacle in San Antonio, TX.



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Testimonial from a participant in the 2011 Unity for Africa Kingdom Thunder Conference:

Mike Arnold’s style of teaching is a type that you wouldn’t like him to stop, because he has a revelational knowledge that the entire Body of Christ needs to hear. He teaches that this is a key moment in time for Africa and it is true. His teaching made us to know that God is raising world changers. In fact, he is sent by God to raise world changers for Christ. He said, “Your world is about to change,” and I believe it. A lot of us received miracles while listening to his message. May God renew all who sponsored him to Nigeria, Africa. Mike Arnold, we love you and your family!

– Rev. Dr. Marshall Uba, Nigeria


Testimonial from a participant in a CTO Summer Camp:

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you so much for the ministry you do through Cross Trail Outfitters. The CTO Extreme Camp truly changed my life. Going into the week I didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, my expectations were blown away. While I had never participated in a CTO outing before, as early as the second night, you had already gotten down to the major problems in my life. You identified that I was trying to “integrate” God into some parts of “my” life instead of living out his plan for my life. I honestly don’t know how you came to this conclusion so early and I can only credit the Holy Spirit who was clearly working through you.

The real watershed moment came at campfire the third night. While I understood what you had said the previous night about having to go all in for God, I still had not truly internalized much of the message.  I was still holding on to the belief that God could be constrained to one hour of church on Sunday and that I could live my life differently the rest of the time. It really struck me when you pointed out that if you’re not working for God, then you’re working for the Devil. I think your exact words were “ If you think you’re on the side-line, you’re actually behind enemy lines.” This started to make sense on the third night and culminated in you, Steve, and Kevin praying over me. You told me to pray out loud and as I did I felt myself letting go of my pride for the first time. Near the end of the prayer I started to break down in tears as I realized the inadequacy of my attempts to understand and succeed in life without God’s direction. In that moment I threw my pride out the window and truly surrendered my life to God. I realized that I could give my failures over to the Lord and live as a new creature in his plan for my life. I have never felt God’s presence or love more distinctly than at that moment. I remember looking up at the sky with tears still in my eyes and marveling at the glory and grace of God, my Father.

While I had been baptized earlier in my life, I decided that I wanted to be baptized again, signifying the new relationship I had formed with God.  Greg, Jesse, and I were all baptized at the end of the week and it was an event I will never forget. I can’t thank you enough for starting this ministry 10 years ago and having the fortitude and faith to continue on in the face of adversity. God is truly working through you and this ministry. Please keep up the good work!


Arthur Olson



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