Welcome to the official home page of Mike Arnold Ministries.

Mike Arnold is a life-long leader. The Lord’s path for Mike has led him on a diverse trail from campus journalist and evangelist, to political consultant, to founder of a television network, to running a multimillion dollar business, to a decade of full-time ministry, to producer of an multi-award-winning feature film, and beyond.

Today, Mike is an international entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant. He is founder of multiple business and ministry entities that thrive across the US and overseas. He has led mission trips to Nigeria and the jungles of Honduras, been the featured teacher in international ministry leadership conferences, facilitated leadership retreats across America, and serves on the boards of numerous for-profit and non-profit ventures.

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Believers around the world, from all walks of life and denominational backgrounds, are being transformed by what the Spirit is saying through the pages of this dynamic book — reaching greater levels of faith, passion, joy, hope and unity.

Based on irrefutable Bible scholarship, remarkable life and ministry experience, and fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit, UPRISING lovingly yet boldly rights generations of wrong teachings, and sets Christians free to live in the fullness of God’s power, provision and peace.

Mike’s book will give you bright, new clarity and insight into the Bible … reconnect you with your powerful, important, God-given identity … inspire you with an overwhelming sense of your vital purpose and potential … and uplift you in the hope of your incredible destiny in Christ.

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CleanHearts invites and enables Christian men to stand together and gain victory over the stronghold of sexual temptation and sin – personally, and together as the Body of Christ.

With wisdom and grace, CleanHearts educates, inspires and equips men to restore righteousness and honor to themselves, their families, their churches, their communities … and the world.

It is a complimentary program that is able to be implemented by any church or men’s group that agrees with our Bible-based statement of beliefs.

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African Christians bravely advance the Kingdom while facing unimaginable hardship and persecution. God is raising them up to shine around the world in coming decades.

The Africa Victory Hour is an hour-long TV series hosted by Mike Arnold and distributed via satellite across Sub Saharan Africa.  It is a strategic work that seeks to edify, equip and inspire as many as 50,000,000 front-line families each week with the life-changing message of victory in Christ.

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In 2002, Mike started taking boys hunting and fishing as an avenue for discipleship. Through a decade of fruitful, full-time labor, the Lord used Mike and Amy to grow this into a nationwide organization that now reaches boys and young men coast to coast.

Mike and Amy retired from the organization in 2012 and handed off the reigns of this ministry to the next generation of leaders. They are blessed to see it continue to thrive and reach boys across the US.

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MA LOGOMike serves on boards of directors and advises select for-profit and non-profit enterprises in the US and internationally. With an entrepreneur’s hearts, a Kingdom vision, and a depth of education and experience, he helps  leaders achieve maximum, sustainable success in their lives and ventures.

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  1. Hi Mike:

    Have highly enjoyed your blogging / writings & exhortation of late.

    Thanks for your emphasis on Kingdom theology & practice.

    It is so needed – Lord bless you & your house….

    Keep writing….praying…..working for Him !

    David in East Texas

  2. Rev. Festo Mrema

    hi bro Mike what you write really touched me, it was very powerful to me. i have been in the ministry hardworking here and there until you fill empty. but you real encourage me. God bless you

  3. Rev. Festo Mrema

    Mike My country is very hungry for the true ministers of the Gospel, please we need you. come and help us

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